In terms of consultancy services, we operate in the fields of Strategy, Management and Finance:

We intervene at the level of Institutional Models and Municipal Management, providing services that contribute to Organisational improvements, Economic and Financial performance and the Quality of Service of Public Institutions.

Our intervention catalyses modern management techniques, that enable public institutions to overcome the challenges they face today, by focusing on procedural, technological and human resource components.

We provide consultancy and advisory services in the following areas:

  • Implementation of the SIGMA Integrated Management System, for the Public Administration;
  • Preparation of Forecast-based Documents;
  • Preparation of Accounts Statements;
  • Validation of Accounting Operations;
  • Organization of Warehouses and Implementation of Inventory Management;
  • Inventory, Cross-Checking and Evaluation of Real Estate and Public Domain assets in the framework of Implementation of the POCAL;
  • Implementation of Cost Accounting;
  • Implementation, Monitoring and Interpretation of Financial Management and Control Indicators (Control Panel);
  • Evaluation of Investment Projects;
  • Implementation of the Integrated Performance Assessment System for the Public Administration;
  • Other

Also in the field of Administrative Modernisation, we have drawn up the following studies:

  • Organization of Public Services and preparation of the respective Regulations;
  • Determination of the Prices of Goods and Services Provided and Fees charged by municipalities;
  • Preparation of rates and license fees to be applied by Provincial Governments and Municipal Authorities.

We support our customers in terms of design and strategic planning, in various fields and domains, both at the level of national and local development, and for institutional / corporate initiatives.

We place our technical and methodological capacity and proven track record at the service of our customers in the development of projects / plans in the following fields:

  • Economic and Social Development Plans;
  • Investment Plans;
  • Entrepreneurship Strategic Plans;
  • Territorial Planning and Urbanization Strategic Plans;
  • Municipal Master Plans;
  • Local / Regional / Provincial Development Plans (and studies);
  • Implementation Plans for Sectorial Policies;
  • Institutional / Corporate Strategic Plans;
  • Business Plans and Financing;
  • Models of Institutional / Corporate Governance;
  • Procedural Manuals;
  • Other

We promote the assessment and development of the skills of our customer’s human resources, in order to strengthen the capacities of the institutions / companies and ensure modernization of their services, through the development and implementation of:

  • Diagnosis of Training Needs;
  • Skills Development Programmes;
  • User Training in the implementation of ICT;
  • Performance Evaluation Models;
  • Other

Our Training Programs and Skills Development take various forms, tailored to our customers’ requirements:

  • Classroom Training;
  • e-Learning;
  • On the Job Training;
  • Action Learning;
  • Seminars and Workshops.

The main areas of Institutional Capacity Building and Training in which we operate are:

  • Management and Administration
  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Fit to Function
  • Secretarial and office work
  • Training of Trainers
  • Behavioural Competencies
  • Computing from the User Perspective
  • Computing – Accounting Standardisation System

We develop programmes that are tailored to our customers’ needs, offering innovative solutions that have a direct impact on the development of skills, and that foster transfer of such skills to on-the-job performance.

We provide our customers with the finest state-of-the-art solutions, that have proven success in the field of ICT, with a focus on improving our clients’ performance:

  • Design, development and implementation of technological formats;
  • Capacity-building of users;
  • Integration of networks and systems;
  • Computerisation of information and procedures;
  • Other

We have consolidated experience in the computerization of Public Administration services, contributing to greater efficiency and modernization in the provision of public services in Portugal, Angola and other countries. Through the adoption of ICT, we contribute to the implementation  of government programmes of administrative decentralization, thereby increasing proximity between services and citizens.

We intervene in the areas of the State’s Financial Management, Asset Management and Human Resource Management, via implementation of the Integrated Municipal and Local Management System (SIGMA), which fosters improved levels of efficiency and credibility of public services. We also develop software and other technological formats and corporate applications tailored to customer needs that help resolve the most complex challenges.

In the context of development of Integrated Management Systems in public administration bodies in Angola (SIGMA), we are registered and accredited with the National Information Technology Commission (CNTI).

We produce studies and diagnostic analyses, in order to characterize pre-existing situations and contexts, with a view to making recommendations and concrete proposals that will optimize existing resources and catalyse higher efficiency levels:

i. Diagnostic analysis:

  • Local Entrepreneurship;
  • Structural Organization of Services;
  • Functional aspects (Departments / organizational units);
  • Information requirements;
  • HR practices;
  • Training Needs;
  • Other

II Studies:

  • National Territorial Planning System;
  • Regionalization or Local Development Strategy;
  • National Housing Policy;
  • Restructuring;
  • Analysis of the economic and financial situation;
  • Economic sustainability;
  • Urban and Tourism signposting;
  • Signposting of Buildings;
  • Other

We conduct financial evaluations / audits, always viewing these processes as management tools, which support the actions of management staff working at a an operational, administrative, financial and accounting level, thereby guaranteeing security, knowledge and control.

In our business activity, our underlying assumption is that it is only possible to implement appropriate and timely solutions, on the basis of effective knowledge and monitoring of the management and financial situation of the Municipality

These processes have the following main objectives:

  • To check the legality and compliance of administrative procedures and accounting records;
  • To appraise the effectiveness of administrative, financial and accounting procedures and records, based on analysis of the Internal Control System.

We have access to suitable methodologies for analysis of the financial situation of the Municipalities (Angola) based on the respective accounts statements and a set of indicators that are used as a management control panel for the Municipality.