is our Philosophy that governs our operations in the market.


We aim to be recognized as the leading Portuguese-speaking company in the provision of strategic consulting services and management to CPLP countries, in particular in the field of public policy, providing solutions and expertise based on over 30 years of global experience and ensuring value-creation for our customers.


Our mission is to develop excellent work that generates value for our customers and maximizes their competitive advantages, thus ensuring their commercial and business success. Simultaneously, we seek to contribute to sustainable social development of the markets in which we operate, consolidating the prestige achieved by the Group in the domestic and international markets, across three continents.

The Intersismet Group aims to establish itself as one of the leading consulting firms in the Portuguese-speaking market, that includes over 300 million people.

As a result, we focus upon:

  • Development of projects based upon synergies between study and research, and innovation of methodologies and working processes on the basis of our acquired knowledge and experience;
  • Participatory processes, with direct customer involvement in implementation of proposed solutions, as an essential premise for transfer of expertise, personal enhancement and greater accountability of organisations.
  • Monitoring of the continuing progress and development of techniques in line with the market’s changing needs and requirements.
  • A proactive attitude to current dynamics – we forecast evolution trends, identify problems and explore solutions.
  • Ongoing investment in training, research, creation and adaptation of our products to local market needs in view of the challenges of an increasingly globalised world.

We have in-depth knowledge of local situations and realities, and our teams include local experts from the countries in which we operate, who are involved in project monitoring services, thereby participating in and fostering the professional development of staff directly involved in projects. We have in-depth knowledge of the structure, organization and functioning of the public administration in various countries, where we have contributed to administrative modernization and helped reduce bureaucracy in public services.


1. Integrity

  • Respect
  • Ethical action

2. Rigour and Excellence

  • Technical skills / expertise
  • High quality
  • Innovation

3. Cultural Diversity

  • In-depth knowledge of local realities
  • Multicultural team