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Intersismet S.A, in partnership with Quaternaire Portugal, won the International Public Tender for the preparation of the “Spatial Planning for East Timor “.

This contract was signed during the current month of March by the Minister of Public Works of East Timor, aiming to develop the National Spatial Plan of this country and inherent legislative packages, at a spatial and urbanism scope.

The contract concerned, amounting to more than one million USD, is absolutely strategic for the sustainable development of East Timor and will develop throughout 2014.

In this context, following the internationalization of the Group and as a sign of a  strong bet in East Timor, Intersismet Asia was recently created, based in Dili,  to invest in this country – training and local labor hiring as well as developing work in the respective activity areas, particularly in the field of administrative modernization.

The award of the “Spatial Planning” is illustrative of the strong international experience of the Intersismet Group and strengthens its implantation in the Portuguese speaking countries.

March 2014

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