Intersismet Asia opened a new office in Dili, East Timor.

The office is located in the Timor Plaza Business Center, the same place where are located several relevant Timorese companies and institutions, namely Timor Telecom, Timor Gap (Oil) and the Administrative Region of Oecussi, in addition to several law, engineering and financial firms.

O espaço oferece ainda as comodidades próprias de um local que se insere numa zona comercial repleta de lojas, zonas de lazer e de restauração. The space also offers the amenities of a location that is part of a shopping area full of stores, entertainment issues and catering.

It is recalled that Intersismet Asia, in partnership with Quaternaire Portugal, where Intersismet is a substantial shareholder, won the International Public Tender for the drafting of the “Spatial Planning for Timor Leste“, which is running.

The inauguration of this new office, where, Portuguese advisors as well as consultants and nine Timorese young graduates, are already working, reveals the bet that Intersismet Asia is making in the Timorese market, being now undergoing negotiations for new works in the field of administrative modernization and procurement.

Intersismet Asia invites all its partners and local entities to visit its facilities, which are being managed by the Resident Director, Maria de Jesus Pinto Bandeira.


September, 2014

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