Intersismet SA, in partnership with Mobbit Systems, was chosen to develop the “Digital Memorial” project, aimed at modernizing and introducing interactive digital communication platforms in the emblematic and solemn Agostinho Neto Memorial, located in Luanda.

The project in question, now awarded to Intersismet, will modernize and stimulate the mentioned Memorial, from the technological point of view, through the introduction of innovative and of high impact digital platforms that will, in an appealing way, provide visitors information about the life and work of the founder of the Angolan State, Prof. Agostinho Neto.

It is recalled that the Memorial António Agostinho Neto, inaugurated on September 17, 2012, by the President of the Republic, Dr. José Eduardo dos Santos, is an emblematic monument that honors the founder of the Angolan state being characterized, from the architectural perspective, by the existence of two large naves with over 60 meters long, and a tower of approximately 120 meters high, which can be viewed from various points of the city of Luanda.

The contract at issue, beginning in September 2014, is part of the new technological capabilities offered by the Intersismet Group, strengthening the company’s presence in a new area of activity being an evidence of its capacity for innovation and deployment in Angola.


September 2014

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