THE MINISTRY OF TERRITORIAL ADMINISTRATION OF ANGOLA (MAT) has recently launched the SIIGAT website – Integrated Territorial Administration Information and Management System, which can be found at

SIIGAT is an integrated system of collection, processing and management of information from Local State Administration bodies, which is part of a process, coordinated by MAT, of modernization and technical, technological and organizational capacity building of the Provincial Governments (PG’s) and Municipal Administrations (MA’s).

In addition to modernization and organization, going from the implementation of a standardized technologic base (software) common to all Local State Administration bodies, SIIGAT also enables to aggregate information produced by the various PG’s and MA’s, thus producing management indicators and a national scope tracking and monitoring database.

Through SIIGAT’s website, the user can follow the Project’s development, consult documents and presentations that demonstrate the system’s supporting technology and also achieve access to the restricted areas of the project team and management indicators, if accredited for this purpose.

INTERSISMET CONSULTING, as the company in charge of the implementation of SIIGAT at the national level, is pleased with the launch of this site, which ensures visibility and transparency for the project in question, making it accessible to anyone who wants to know it.


November 2013

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