In addition to its action at the SIIGAT level involving a presence in all provincial governments, Intersismet Consulting recently began collaborating on new projects, with three more provincial governments of Angola, namely the governments of Zaire, Cunene and Huila, thus joining the provincial government of Luanda, Cabinda, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Bie and Kwanza Sul, where the company was already providing consulting services.

These new contracts strengthen the Intersismet territorial scope in Angola, in such terms that we can finally use the Angolan known expression: “from Cabinda to Cunene”.

On the other hand, following the preparation of the Development Plan of Kwanza Sul, of recognized quality by the Ministry of Planning, Intersismet is also collaborating on these issues with the provinces of Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Cunene and Huila trying to expand their development plans.

We are, therefore, settling our work and strengthening our local presence in all Angolan national territory.

Intersismet Consulting is increasingly asserting itself, as the Angolan reference consultancy firm in the field of administrative modernization, planning and capacity building.


February 2014

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