Alfredo Moura, Intersismet SA’s Chairman of the Board, recently travelled to the Republic of São Tomé and Principe, between October 17-20, in the framework of a visit aimed at securing new clients, where he had the opportunity to make various institutional contacts.

The main objective of the contacts was to introduce people to Intersismet and its portfolio and extensive track record, in particular in terms of administrative modernisation projects, given that São Tomé and Principe aims to strengthen its skills in this area.

In particular, the Chairman of the Board had the opportunity to present the technological software, “SIGMA”, to several government entities. SIGMA is a solution that fosters modernisation of the Public Administration, and makes it possible, on the one hand, to collect and manage information from Local State Administration bodies and, on the other hand, via a Business Intelligence System, produce aggregate management indicators and a nationwide monitoring and tracking database.

This visit also made it possible to establish contact with the progress achieved in this field at the national level and in terms of the various planned initiatives.

Recognition of Intersismet as a trusted partner made it possible to identify partnership opportunities that will be explored and developed over the medium term.

The visit was integrated within the company’s internationalisation strategy.


November 2013

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